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So I want to write…

Having a blog is a good thing to have if you want to write but sadly this blog has been neglected.  I do apologize for that, especially to those who subscribe.  First of all, thank you for that and I do hope your day is going well.  Of course if you are online reading blogs, you must be having a good day.  =)


What do I write about?  I guess this is a good a place as any to make mention that my wife and I have welcomed our fifth child into the World.  Kenneth Richard by far was our biggest baby and (somewhat sadly) he is our last child we will bring into the world.

At 13 pounds and 1 ounce he was a big baby!!  Four ounces off of the record at the hospital in fact and a birth that I will never forget.  I have been thinking of writing a book so I might just hold that story to my chest for a little bit or I might just go ahead and write about it here.

Regardless, his birth was a memorable one and I am happy to say that he and his Mom are doing great.  The family continues to grow both in the literal sense (they will eat me out of house and home! LOL) and the figurative sense.  My oldest is at the age where the work force is something I have been preparing him for.  For his 19th birthday I found a rather practical gift for him.  His own thermos and a lunchbag.  LOL

So the family is good.  I have written something about that but what else is there?

I guess I could mention a great discussion I took part in on facebook but that can of worms is better left in Jenna’s thread.  The gist of it being that Governance (ie the US federal government) is what every politician wants you to believe they are there for but the reality is that once elected, politicians become “seat preservers” rather than elected officials who represent the populace.

I found it interesting that education is what helped get them into power and then they realize that education is what will get them out of power too so what do they do?  Underfund education?  Yeah I’ll leave that nugget with you to ponder.  =)

I guess if I could write a book, there are a few topics I could choose from.  Parenting is an easy one as my wife and I am raising five boys.  That can easily be a book not only about parenting but marriage as well but do I really want to put my family out there like that?  It’s just a question I will have to answer for myself.

I could write a book about governance and politics, more specifically First Nations Governance but I’m afraid that it would get lost in (I hate using this word but it is apt) “Indian politics”.  Politics is a word that I do not mind using but the other word is not only a misnomer for me but a negative connotation used to keep people under the thumb of “civilization” or even worse, the conquerors.

It is the year 2014, let’s face it people.  European Contact is now a part of History, let’s leave it there and learn from it rather than perpetuating the stereotypes and struggles of First Nations Peoples.

Yeah, there’s a book right there isn’t it?  Hmm…

I guess I could write about where we as a People (all encompassing, humanity) are today with regards to the impact of the internet and what it means to Society today and what it could mean down the road but that is something I would have to do a lot of research on for it to have any merit.

I don’t know if I want to be a researcher as my student days are somewhat behind me but it goes without saying that I do want to write.  I wonder if a book about videogames from 8-bit to high definition 3D graphics wold fly?  I’m sure I could write a few things about the industry today but like all things that I want to write about, where do I start and can I stick to the topic?  Quiet you.  =)

This is a good a start as any and I guess I will ask this question of the wordpress community…

Wordress community, do we own what we write in our blogs or does that belong to wordpress?

I ask that because with so many blogs posts, I might have already written a  book and just aren’t aware of it.

So I want to write and I have.  You all have a great day.

As always, yours to wear and share:  =)

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Eye Catching Material

It caught my eye for sure.  A new computer.  The idea of a touchscreen on a laptop appealed to me for some reason that goes beyond joke material such as the recent realization that poking on FB now is literally me poking this screen.  I am not a big technical person so posting the specs is not something I have much interest in.  Actually I just didn’t want to smile through the information that I have made a bad decision and the computer you have is better for me.  =)

It is an upgrade pure and simple.  The Compaq Presario with the tower, big screen and colored cables was great for the day and the operating system which was WIN95 by the way.  Yup, upgrade.  I will miss the old computer, have missed it for all these years in fact as it holds some great memories such as my now 16 year old sharing an old joke and loving it:

Knock knock.  Who’s there?  Little Old Lady.  Little Old lady who?  I didn’t know you could yodel.  LOL

The fact is, it was time and we had the means to upgrade the old and I do mean old computer for a laptop, a touchscreen laptop.  Yeah I’m still loving that.  =)  Now that I am back in a job that will take me away from home and on the road, the communications will be so much easier and the phone calls won’t be interrupted by children needing Mom when they know she is busy.

I now have the means to be able to post more often as well as have things to post about like being blown away that my little berg in the boonies has a weather link to our weather and not the nearest town.  News at one time was always on my homepage and I am getting used to that again.  No more internet search page for this guy but now I have access to many things beyond the social networking sites, the email and the web browser that leads me to this wonderful place.  I have a wealth of ideas to post about such as finding a link between all of that and simply this, writing to my WordPress.

With all of those eye catching headlines now on my desktop I do appreciate the effort put in as opposed to the usual links I have gotten used to on FB where it is always a sensational “you have to see this because you’re a human being and your curiosity won’t let you ignore my attempt at hacking you with your click”…oh and you won’t believe what happens next!

Yeah, not clicking on those after seeing those who like those posts suddenly posting many links from the same site.  Also not liking or commenting on those sensational status updates that are actually friggen FB games in disguise.  Sure I don’t have to send an invite to a set amount of people but having to cut and paste text seems suspect to me now that I consider just what a click can entail these days.

Click, touchscreen.  There’s not much different when you consider that your eye has been caught.  =)

Also for those who actually read this and have read it in the past, I am considering a Theme Update, one that makes good use of this 15.6” HD Multitouch LCD screen.  I saw one that caught my eye but it is one that I would have to think about as it will not have a blogroll or anything else for that matter.  It’s clean, simple and looks good but as I said, no links, blogroll or archive that I could see.

Food for thought.  Be well today and all days ahead.  =)

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Wow! It’s so long!

I don’t know if she said that, she says a lot of things but the title refers to the time since I last visited this place let alone posted in it.  So here I am again at the Northwest Regional Airport (formerly to me at least the Terrace-Kitimat Airport) and I am waiting on a plane to bring me to Vancouver.

Posting to my WordPress while I am at the airport is almost becoming a tradition for me, maybe I should rename my wordpress, “Posts From The Airport”.  That’s just a thought though, more likely it would be a category heading than anything else.

I am at the airport as I am heading to Vancouver for business.  I love business trips but one day I hope to take an actual vacation with my wife who will need one in about seven months.  At least that is our best guess as to when our FIFTH child will be born.  Yup!!  =D  My wife is pregnant again and this time it is truly a blessing in disguise.  Well maybe not a disguise because that would suggest we were aware of the situation but nope, left field.

After our fourth son was born we made arrangements to ensure that we would not go through another pregnancy but as God and or the Universe would have it, against all odds we are expecting our fifth child.  Her first ultrasound is on the 19th of this month and we’ll know how for long we are.

As I stated to her, who are we to argue with God and or the Universe?  We are blessed and I thank the Creator for the continued blessings.

It is something that I was able to say yesterday at a table that I normally wouldn’t be in a position to do so.  I hope the table has intrigued you because if you know anything about me that was a big hint as to what it is I am doing these days.  I am once again sitting at a Board Table and it is one that I am proud to be a part of.

First a bit of backstory.  The Nisga’a general elections have come and gone as of a year ago.  I was not successful in my bid for local government and while that shut the door on having the support of my hometown, it actually opened up another door for me.  A bigger door, like as big as the doors to the Forbidden City in Beijing.  (I like to remind myself I saw that I actually touched those doors once in a while.)

The Nisga’a Lisims Government Executive Committee contacted me after the elections wondering if I would let my name stand for the position of NLG Appointee to the Nisga’a Valley Health Board of Directors and of course I let my name stand.  I certainly was surprised when I found out that the Executive did in fact elect me as their representative to the NVHA Board of Directors.

That was about a year ago and in May of 2013 the newly elected Board selected me as their Chairperson so I have been the Chairman of the Board since.  I have been busy to say the least.  The Nisga’a Valley Health Authority has been busy and this continues as we look to further our services today and tomorrow.

That is in fact why I am at the airport, not only to break the news that my wife and I are expecting again but to bring some up to speed as to what it is I am doing these days.

Well that took all of a half hour to write and I am not even going to edit, much.  =)

I still have a half hour before I go through the check-in so I will do what I do best, ramble once I have your attention.  LOL

I had a few ideas over the past weeks on what sort of blog subjects that I want to write about and this is one that I have to get written down.  It involved a children’s show, Caillou (I think that’s how it’s spelled).  My Mom and I were talking about it and it reminded me of how we were introduced to the show when our 18 year old was about two years old and after he was introduced to it, he kept watching.

With my 17 month old watching it now, I realized that it has been a part of our home for sixteen years.  The line that triggered the thought for me was, “…and it has been a part of our home ever since…”  A part of our home.

That was what I wanted to explore.  Even though it has been two apartments and two different houses, it is has always been our home.  Look around the room if you are in your home and reading this.  Picture it if you aren’t but consider everything that is on your walls, on your shelves, desks etc. and consider how that has become a part of your home.


Now consider the intangible.  A child’s TV show and perhaps it is our lot in life considering we’ve been watching Treehouse for the past 18 years and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  =)

Much like our jobs and I am glad that we are working, especially for those of us who just found work recently, just had to throw that in and thank God and or the Universe as well but I’m digressing…

Much like our jobs, the people in our lives and the constants that we all share, it is very much a home for all of us and I thank you for helping in making up a part of my home.

Be well.  Yours to wear and share as always:  =)

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Dinner with Steve on the job.

It has been a little while since I have been in Vancouver and today (February 17th) marks the day that I get to hear the sounds and feel the energy of big city life.  I will be in Vancouver for a week and staying downtown so it’s nice that I will be getting the big city experience once again.

I have some time before my flight as I await breakfast at the airport so I thought I would take some time to write.  Actually I thought about writing last night given that I was in a restaurant last night sitting at a table all alone.  At least that is what it used to be like and I am sure that is literally what it looked like.

I didn’t think of my self as alone though and I guess that is the evolution of thought that I find myself pondering more and more these days.  I wasn’t alone so long as I had my Smartphone with me.  I had access to any of my contacts via texts as well as social media that is already a part of my average day.

As I ate and enjoyed a great meal, I periodically checked my Facebook and yes I know that I have become one of you now.  You?  Yes you, those who are reading this on your laptop or more likely your smartphone and no doubt while you are at a table too.

Prior to my new position and the perks that came with it, I thought it funny that whenever I would go to lunch in a restaurant, I would see people in a social situation never looking at each other the entire time they are seated, even when their food arrived.  Their phones were more important.

I often wondered what was so important that you couldn’t even talk to your friends without looking away from your phones.  I know now what is so important.  =)  Data, emails, notifications and I’m sure a few of you smiled when you read that because that is the importance that a notification has nowadays.  Pavlov would be impressed and probably a little saddened (you have no idea how much it took for me not to keep the word smug out of this).  Social media and Facebook have made me something that I have to physically monitor.  Sure I will check my FB on occasion but if someone is talking to me I will give them the attention that they deserve.  We are after all social animals.

So while I will be in Vancouver with colleagues that I am sure will share a meal in a social situation, I also know that I will also enjoy a meal by myself as well and when I do, it may look like I am having a meal by myself all alone, I won’t be will I?  You will be there random internet person and friends alike.  Thank you for reading and I hope your day is a great one.  Be well, yours to wear and share:  =)

January 18, 2013

I’m on a break from our session and wanted to post this as well as give an exdplanation of the title that I did not think about when AI wrote this.  It is an homage if you will to my iPhone, Apple and the late Mr. Jobs.

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Quick post Jan16

I know that I wanted to write something spontaneous and new so I am once again looking at a blank window with a sentence that may run on for a few more minutes yet.  Or not.

As I am writing this during our lunch break I will make it a quick one.

YOU CAN DO IT!!   Just some encouragement for you in general as well as for those who endeavor down roads that they find somewhat fearful and have avoided for a while.  Finding it somewhat fearful and being so afraid as not do do anything are two different things so please keep that in mind.

Good luck to you on your endeavors.  I endeavored to fill up some white blankness and while it is not my usual ramblings, I did manage a couple of paragraphs.  Please enjoy your day and good mornight to you.  =)

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January 5th Earthquake off of Alaska

I am writing this the day of the earthquake that not only shook Alaska where it originated but a large part of British Columbia as well.  As one who lives in a small coastal community on the Pacific North Coast I am one who has no choice but to respect the awe and raw power that is the Ring of Fire and our Mother Earth.

I don’t have to explain this to anyone who lives in an earthquake zone and has lived through a tremor but I have to say that it is still a relatively new thing for me.  In my lifetime I have felt three of these tremors and they have all been recent over my 43 years; the last two in fact occurring within a few months if not weeks apart.

That was in October (2012) and it is now January 5, 2013 for the last two, the first was probably a decade ago.  I wonder if I should become an amateur volcanologist (sp?) because we live in an area that not only has a lava bed that has since become a Provincial Park but the volcano itself that created the lava flow that we now drive through on a daily basis.

I have been to that volcano actually.  There is a trail that you can drive into so far and then continue on by foot up to the crater.  It is truly a beautiful sight to see, one now that as I consider it is like seeing into the past as you gaze over something that is now serene and beautiful but at one time was spewing death and destruction.

We truly do live amazing lives don’t we?

So seeing as our Community has been through two earthquakes in recent weeks, our Evacuation Plan is being honed quite nicely.  In October it took us over an hour to get everyone out of the Village and up onto the hill.  This morning as the quake hit at around 1 AM, the plan kicked into action and some 40 minutes later, we were all in vehicles, buses and trucks out on the highway which thankfully is up on the mountainside.  Our homes are pretty much at sea level.

There are talks of building something like a parking lot or a large facility that can house our Elders, young families and all from the elements that persist even in something like an earthquake.  It was cold this morning but not as cold as it was in October.  I hope something like an evacuation hall is built because even as well as things went this morning, there are still challenges that we face in this situation and having such a building might alleviate the challenge.


As well as we did, some just had to defy order and remain in their homes or worse yet, head back home before the Tsunami Warning had been lifted.  I couldn’t help but bring back images from the tsunami destruction in Japan and I guess we all couldn’t help it as there are still programs about it being shown on TV.

More than anything, it is the tsunami that I think will be the bigger problem for us.  Being a coastal community it is something we live with each day particularly since we are in the Ring of Fire.  Thankfully we are not right on the coast as there are many estuaries and inlets and the mountains that create them between us and the open ocean.

I don’t know how much of a shield that is but I am glad it is there nonetheless.

For those of you who did feel the earthquake, I am glad that you are reading this as it means you made it through.  Now begins a lifetime of being on alert and not letting that dictate the rest of my life.  We are mortals and some of us live on the edge but that doesn’t mean we should just stop living and waiting for the inevitable.

It will come, for each of us.  There is a day when our time is up and sadly as I’ve realized, that time could be for thousands of people at the same time.  I remember those from Japan at this time and I sent support to their surviving families as well as support to those who are living now in fear of something that we have no damn control over whatsoever.

That quake sure shook me up.  I was in a mild state of shock immediately after the shaking and I know this because it felt like I had just broken my knee again but only in the state of mind I was in not to mention the seemingly uncontrollable shaking I was going through.  I’m glad things worked out the way it did.  I’m proud of my Community of Gingolx (formerly Kincolith) and I am proud of the bus drivers, the Fire Department and of course of our Emergency Operation Committee that saw us through something that did not last more than three hours.

Actually it was more like two hours as by 3 AM, everyone was back in their homes again trying to get some sleep.  I’m glad I got to sleep because it was one heck of an event.

January 7, 2013

I wrote that the evening of the 5th and as I sit here several days removed, I find myself always ready for the possibility that two earthquakes in a couple of months sure is scary.  Is this just a precursor to something larger that is coming?  I sure as hell hope not but as I’ve said, we have no damn control over such things.

Everything is back to normal around here but trust me when I say that our evacuation plan is being honed and we’ll be ready for whatever God or Mother Earth throws at us.  Okay for some of you I just have to mention the tetonic plates or your Reality-OCD might erupt and you’ll spew.  LOL

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First post of the New World a.k.a. 2013

I was going to go with “Suck it Doomsdayers” but that would be just too much.  Yeah a bit too much.  LOL  So instead I’ll just go with an obvious title for my first post of 2013, one that I typed up before I actually got to a wifi spot so I’ll just paste it here:

So it has been a while since I’ve taken the time to not only write but actually visit this page.  A lot has happened since I’ve last posted.  For starters I’m having to get used and learn a new keyboard.  A smaller kayboard, the smallest I’ve had to use to date, at least on a computer.

I very much like the newer technology that I see today.  At one time a Compaq Presario with Windows 95 was top of the line but now I can’t even get the mouse to work on that desktop but at least the monitor and tower still work.  This is why I appreciate the new direction I’ve found myself on not to mention this Toshiba laptop (with Windows 7) that I am currently enjoying.  If you know your Windows operating systems, you know it has been many many years between those two operating systems and computers.  Some things won’t ever change though.

I’ve recently been sworn in as a Director on the Nisga’a Valley Health Board of Directors and I couldn’t be happier to once again have a chance to do what I love, being a Member of The Board.  Being a Board Member has always been something that I’ve enjoyed, moreso today as technology has come to the Board Tables.  With the laptop and a newer smaller keyboard that I have to get used to, rest assured that I will be posting more often around here.

I’ve been wanting to post more around here and with this new opportunity, I will be doing just that.  I will have to wait however for Xplornet to arrive so that I can have the internet for this computer and a connection that will be more reliable than the one I’ve used.  Of course as it will be a satellite internet service, there will be a one second lag so I won’t be gaming but I will have my PSN connection once again.

I am for sure looking forward to that once again.  If anything I will be able to keep my games up to date with patches and even better than that is the possibility that I can video chat with some great friends once again.  I like that there will be a wifi signal that my family can make use of as well.  Along with the laptop there is also an iPhone4 that I got for being a Board Member so having that wifi will make a big difference in ensuring that I can always be contacted.

At this point though, I can only write this and wait for a wifi signal so I can upload this.  It’s nice not having to worry about the computer messing up my writing.  With the old computer, writing this much would have taken me probably an hour and that’s just the actual text entry.  Bygones.  =)

So while I will have to wait until I am near a signal to upload this, I won’t have to once I am set up with Xplornet and I’ll be able to once again spontaneously post something to my WordPress.

I hope that your Christmas Holiday went well and if it is after the New Year, I wish you all the best in 2013 from my family and I to you and yours.  As I write this, we await the I think fifth Christmas Dinner of the season.  The first was with my Son’s school, then there was the Community Dinner and the two we had with my wife’s family and then my family.  Tonight’s will be an extended family dinner and it will be great to see everyone together.


New direction, technology, opportunities and given that the World survived 2012, hopefully a new outlook on what it is we have here.  Another day.  I will be seeing you again, be well and smile, share it and as always, proudly wear it.  =)

So that is what I wrote last week and as I read it over again, I can’t help but wonder just how many people went off the edge of the world with their thinking that it would actually end.  I wonder how many wedding and divorces for that matter went through in light that it was the end of the world.  Not mine.  =)  I’m happy to say that, both for the world and my world, my wife.

Like I said, I will be posting more often once I have the satellite internet set up at home but for now, I just like that I can write and post it as my leisure but most important is that I can write without having to wait for the chatacters to show up on my screen and once again I can not only see what I’m typing, but I’m seeing it as I type it.  it has been a while.  =)  For the sake of clarity, that which you see in italics is what I have written today just before I post this.  What do you think of this format, just out of curiosity?

Oh and I did get a few new games that I want to talk about, one new one that I am trying to savor (read as not finishing it in a couple of sittings) but I am having a blast still with Borderlands 2.  Last year it was the year of Skyrim, this year it might be the year of Borderlands 2 and perhaps I’ll get through Assassin’s Revelations and then I’ll move on to Assassin’s Creed III.

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English: Milestone. Old milestone on the A487 ...

English: Milestone. Old milestone on the A487 near Wervil Grange,Pentregat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we walk through our lives, we traverse and put distance between ourselves and our experiences.  It stands to reason that we want to quantify our journey with what were literal stones that were placed a mile apart on ancient roads.  Done in part to put our place in the world into perspective as well as a means to look back and see where we’ve come from, milestones help to define our lives as well as marks new experiences and life changing events.

No event has been bigger in my life than becoming a Father for the first time.  That was back in 1995 and our Son is now 16 going on to 17 at the end of the month.  Next year he will be 18 years old and talk about a milestone.  Another great milestone was my Marriage to my wife after a seven year engagement.  =)  We’ll be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary next month and from our firstborn child to today, our little family has grown and how it has grown.

Our 16 year old is taller is than I am already and our 14 year old is taller than him!  =)  Our family grew again in 2008 with the birth of our third son and his arrival was a blessing as we had lost a few pregnancies in between.  G3 as he is known has been my world since he has my late Father and I’s name.

In the midst of my family growing, there has been one constant.  My wife of 11 years that I’ve been with for over 18 years.  She is my everything and she continues to amaze me as she realized the other night as she listened to my oldest and I talking about pregnancy, sex, 13 chromosomes and Respecting Women.  You can imagine our surprise when the next day, a girl phoned our house asking for him.  O.O  Thankfully, she was an ex of his that has been trying to win him back but he’s told us that it won’t happen after she hurt him.  He’s a good kid.  Milestones.  We talked about the birds and the bees and girlfriends.

When our 14 year old has his questions, we are so ready for that.  =)

My family is growing up and that can also be marked by the milestone of our 3 year old going to the school park by himself.  By himself!!  We live in a small community and it is no more than a minute’s walk from our house but the fact that he didn’t want either of us to go with him just really hammered it home that he is no longer Our Baby.  That honor has been passed on.  =)

On June 1, 2012 we welcomed our fourth Son into our Family.  Edward R nearly matched G3’s birthweight of 11 pounds and 4 ounces, yup I married Superwoman.  =)  Edward was one ounce shy but whoo baby is he ever long.  60 centimeters, that’s 2 feet!!  He’s already two feet tall even though he is 5 days old.  Wow, my wife and I make big babies.

I am so looking forward to the milestones that we have coming to us with our fourth child as well as with all of our sons.  Kindergarten, high school graduation, post secondary and girls are but a few.  Grandchildren!  LOL  Yeah I’m getting ahead of myself but that’s what you get with milestones.  After a while you can predict what is ahead of you.

Much like the notification that I have reached the the 245 posts milestone here at WordPress.  =)  I hope you not only read but post a comment as well.

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Post #244

This will be a quick post so that I can post a proper blog and have it a milestone as it should be. I’m liking the stats that you get after posting a blog and I guess if I posted more often, I would be appreciating them even more but like I said, I have a milestone to share next.

Also just because I’m writing this as I watch the news, how cool was that Transit across the Sun by Venus?

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George goes to a Farm

The title says it all.  We went to a farm yesterday and it was such a treat for Expectant Mom, George and I.  The day was a beautiful one that I had no idea would turn out to be such an amazing adventure.  It has been two weeks today that we’ve been in town waiting the arrival of our fourth child and it’s safe to say that Terrace is starting to lose it’s luster.

Or so we thought.  My cousin and his fiancee called us up and asked if we wanted to go for a ride and it was such a welcome change to the routine that we have found for ourselves.  In fact George and his Mom are on their way to the library as I type this.  It has been great going to the library and I would have gone and used the internet there but I have pictures I want to upload so I am at the internet cafe.  That is our routine now that I have a new library card once again, I am once again a patron of the Terrace Public Library.

That is where we would have gone if we didn’t get a call from Matt and Anne.  They picked us up after we had lunch and we were off for what turned out to be a great day.  I mean it got me to write here again didn’t it?  =)  We went out to their place first and it was great seeing where they live, it is a beautiful community set near the base of a mountain with so much natural beauty surrounding them.  Provincial parks, a cool little church that you will have to go to my Facebook to see and of course the farm that we visited.

It is a hobby farm that my youngest brother is actually working at.  He had just finished power washing the chicken coop when we got there.  There were so many cool things about that visit that started with my cousin Matt realizing that the elderly lady that greeted us was actually his first grade teacher!  What a small world.  =)  It was funny because she asked us if we were there to help.  LOL  They were working on the garden when we pulled up and after the meet and greet she was happy  to show us around and like a soft opening for a new restaurant (they were preparing to open up their farm very soon), my brother showed us the latest addition to the farm.  Bunnies!  There was a ginger bunny that was very cool.  All of the animals that we saw were very cool including a rooster that looked so cool but none of the animals we saw could top Pebbles and Bam Bam.

This is George meeting the ponies for the first time.

As you can see in the photo, Pebbles and Bam Bam are a couple of beautiful ponies that were at the farm.  Both of these ponies were very cool and surprisingly enough, neither of those three were afraid of each other.

George started to feed them both dandelions that you can see in the photo right in front of them all, the yellow ones.  They loved it and I think they loved him for feeding them.  We learned that they had been eating only what is in their field.  Can you imagine seeing big lush delicious food on the other side of a fence and not being able to access them?  He started to feed the ponies and things just got cooler from there.

By this point, we had already seen the bunnies and had been through the chicken coop and walked amongst the chicken, both young and old.  It was very cool and I never thought that I would walk amongst chickens like that but that is what we did.  It was such a farm experience.

After meeting Pebbles and Bam Bam who were still ‘the two ponies’ at this point, we found ourselves in their field as our host wanted to harness one of them.  It was the first time she had done that and I was privileged to have a hand in helping her do that.  It was here that all of us were surprised to see George without any fear at all walk right up to the two ponies and once again feed them the dandelions.  They were offered grass at first and they didn’t seem to want any of that but when I gave George a dandelion to feed them, we were off to the races as they say.  =)

Our host introduced them to us as Pebbles and Bam Bam and it was like meeting newborn baby twins for the first time as the adults went back to our memories of The Flintstones and all went, “Aww.”  LOL  George wasn’t even scared at all with the ponies eating right out of his hand.  I was petting one of them and was surprised when the pony showed me its teeth and rolled back its big horse lips.  =D  I learned that this meant that she liked me.  Honestly I couldn’t tell which was which but they were brother and sister ponies, same father different mothers.

We learned so much on that farm it is funny and it isn’t funny at the same time.  Funny in the sense that so many jokes about education on a farm is funny but not funny at the same time because we learned how brave George is with animals larger than himself.  I learned that it is indeed a small world and that I was very proud of my youngest brother who was helping such wonderful people.

That day would not have been possible if it weren’t for Matt and Anne for whom I am very grateful for, thank you Anne and Matt for the amazing day that started with a visit to the smallest Church I have ever been in, nearly riding a ferry across a river that was higher than usual with the snowmelt that is finally starting to flow off of the mountains, visiting the farm that my brother is working at and just seeing in amazement how brave my Son is.

Pebbles and Bam Bam were amazing ponies and how cool is it that we saw ponies!!  =)  I’m glad that I got to write again and as far as baby news goes, still nothing happening on that front but it is any day now.  I will be back again WP and when I do, it will be to introduce our newest member to our Family.  Be well all.  This is yours to wear and share:  =)

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